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Bought 9 gorgeous silks yesterday. I want to use them this fall, but there were only 9 left… and if I wanted them, I had to grab ‘em.

And, *ehem*… I’m already thinking about shows for winter, though we’ve hardly begun the fall. My inspirations so far:

(and I have no qualms about sharing with ya’ll because 1, most of you are in different states, and 2, well, they’re just ideas that could go any which way.)

  • FIYAH! (Fire. Passion, heat, maybe music from Central/South America)
  • "A Line is a dot that went for a walk." - Paul Klee (1879-1940)
  • Music from Rio 2/Chef (I had to go to Rio with the kids I watch during the summer… and while I really didn’t care for the movie… oh my gosh, the music is infectious. Similar vibe in Chef… but I loved that movie.)
  • Color: Yellow —> Blue (The flags I just bought are primarily yellow with some blue… I also have solid yellow flags… Could be interesting to start with solid yellow and switch out flags while introducing features onto the floor, then progress by switching yellows to blues.)
  • "Supremacy" by Muse. OMG this song. It has such a bad ass beat to it. I don’t even know but it gives me feels.

I’ve been really inactive on tumblr recently—trying to write for the fall, and also actually WRITE… and, erm. you know, finish my degree.

Anyone been up to anything awesome?

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It’s truly amazing how tightly knit the circuit is in Arizona. I see all the same people no matter which guard-related event I go to. I went to the corps show in Mesa this last week… apparently everyone was there! I’ve been trying to stay off of tumblr to get some work done, so I missed the uniform changes and everything—but I’m not sure that mattered. Only four of the world corps were there! Santa Clara was head and shoulders above everyone else. I feel like you could see a lot of Triptych in the choreo—probably purposefully.

Dunno. My favorite was Crossmen though. I really like their flavor… So intriguing!

I just got a lot of new followers, so if you’re one, please drop me a line! TALK CORPS WITH ME! haha :) 

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I just found out the music to our fall show… And I am frakking ecstatic…

Summertime, Autumn Leaves, Let It Go and a mix of Rite of Spring and Firebird Suite :D

Files sharing… Brains a-rumbling… Eeeee!

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Yeah, um. wondering what it is I did exactly to warrant so many board position holders asking if I have questions/suggestions about yesterday’s circuit meeting. Possibilities: I was supremely annoying; I talk to people about how much poop there is in patting ourselves on the back for a pretty darn average season; I had a point when I posted on the WGAZ facebook page…

Everyone keeps saying, ‘I heard you went’… I guess they have no idea what I look like. How strange.

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Also, if you’re a part of WGAZ and you happened to get one of the scholarships, or you know someone who did, you need to (tell your friend to) send your postcard/letter/what-have-you in with your student ID and where you’re going so that they can distribute the funds! They made a big deal about this at the meeting yesterday.

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Currently in heated discussion about our circuit with the newly ex-president of WGAZ and the director of FeniX. No matter how often I interact with people like these two, it’s so hard to keep my brain from fangirling and actually keep my train of thought. 

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~Ashley Selby and Adam Selby~ :)When I was still a youngun at Mountain Ridge, they both teched for us, and Adam would come up to me and toss a 6 on rifle while staring me down, and then look up at it at the last possible second, and of course, nail the eff out of the catch. Watching him on weapon, and watching Ashley dance made me want to be the best I possibly could be. They’re amazing people, and I’m lucky to say I have an acquaintance with them. WGAZ is lucky to have them. b a d c

I bought 22- 6’ poles today and yesterday!

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I have a week free! Eeeee! Which means I’ll be collecting demographic information and other market research, writing a business plan, creating posters for fall recruitment for the high school, . Go for productivity! AND ACTION YO.

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Ardor Independent A Winter Guard

Introducing Ardor Independent A!!!

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Have you seen the Dante's inferno show from 1997? I can't remember what school did it but it was really good. I just thought you might find it kinda cool if you hadn't seen it before.

Thank you for sharing! :) I’ve seen it, yes. It’s not my favorite though! tbh, I was really put off by the soundtrack.

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