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Ashley Selby and Adam Selby. When I was still a youngun at Mountain Ridge, they both teched for us, and Adam would come up to me and toss a 6 on rifle while staring me down, and then look up at it at the last possible second, and of course, nail the eff out of the catch. Watching him on weapon, and watching Ashley dance made me want to be the best I possibly could be. They’re amazing people, and I’m lucky to say I have an acquaintance with them. WGAZ is lucky to have them. b a d c

I bought 22- 6’ poles today and yesterday!

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I have a week free! Eeeee! Which means I’ll be collecting demographic information and other market research, writing a business plan, creating posters for fall recruitment for the high school, . Go for productivity! AND ACTION YO.

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Ardor Independent A Winter Guard

Introducing Ardor Independent A!!!

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Have you seen the Dante's inferno show from 1997? I can't remember what school did it but it was really good. I just thought you might find it kinda cool if you hadn't seen it before.

Thank you for sharing! :) I’ve seen it, yes. It’s not my favorite though! tbh, I was really put off by the soundtrack.

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I have officially taken the first small step in getting Ardor Independent going.

The next step in incorporation. Like, the legal kind. I’m freaking out. Is this real?

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"Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself."

- (via tyleroakley)

(Source: ibringmotivation)

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you might not want to do that rep sometimes.  

you might be wanting a water break more than anything else in the world

hell, you might just want to sit down on the field or floor and take a nap

this is for those times

this is your reminder to do it for someone else

do it for the age out next to you, who will never have this opportunity again

do it for the staff, who genuinely just want you to succeed

do it for those who have come before you, establishing what you are now a part of

do it for that awkward middle schooler, who’s going to be dragged to the show

because mom or dad used to march 

way back in the day

whose life is going to change from watching you perform

do it so at the end of the season, you’ll have no regrets 

do it for someone who has supported you in this crazy goal over the years

do it to inspire someone

do it for that person who has inspired you to be there,

and pay it forward

do it because what you are doing is so much bigger than yourself

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What are some tips into making it into a world guard like Pride of Cincinnati, Onyx, or Zydeco?

In one way or another, these groups are all looking for the same things:

  • Determination
  • Trainability
  • A degree of “natural” ability


The biggest thing is being self-motivated—making sure that every second you spend at a clinic, at auditions, whatever, is used to keep improving. You will not get some or most of the things that they throw at you on the first try. Determination is part persistence, part self-analysis and changing something to achieve what it is you need. Focus inward until you understand and can do what is asked of you… Staring or glaring or rolling your eyes at those who did get it immediately will never help you showcase your best.


Attitude is really important. Like high school, a can-do attitude will get you SO far. Even in your practice before, work on not letting discouragement or defeat grip you. Having an attitude that says you basically give a damn about everything you do (no matter how small, or how “bad” you think you are at it) is a big plus on your side.

Some directors like to see the ability of individuals to function in a team setting, too. If you’ve been given time, try to partner with nearby people to help refine variations that naturally happen when people from different backgrounds are asked to do the same thing.

"Natural" Ability

These groups also require an ENORMOUS degree of body control. Having a strong core (back, stomach, hip flexors) is absolutely essential… and that can be achieved in a number of ways—programs like p90x, or yoga, or pilates, or swimming, if you like weight lifting… plus those good old fashioned planks, burpees, side leg lifts, lunges, and kicks (using hip flexors and quads to lift legs into the air). Doing something to strengthen your body in addition to practicing actual movement (ie. knowing your body’s expressive qualities and how it actually likes moving) will give you a great base so that directors can see potential.

Natural is in quotes because these abilities are obviously the result of training. Raw ability might be a better term… Anyway.

Practice the basics and tosses that you know, focusing on strength and technique (squeezing on equip impact; keeping core tight throughout everything you do), not necessarily level of difficulty. I find most often that people can do so much more when in the audition/clinic atmosphere than when just practicing alone. Just making sure that your basics and tosses are solid is going to translate because of the muscle memory and habits formed practicing the fundamentals.

Blah, this is a novel! But I hope it helps. Good luck if you’re auditioning for anything this spring or next fall~~

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